There are 8 SBC packages as detailed below:
1. SBC Minimum Package for New KPs.
2. Aastha Ambassador Package for Safer KPs.
3. Staying Negative Package for Lower Risk KPs.
4. SBC plus Package for Higher Risk KPs.
5. PLHIV Package for HIV Positive KPs.
6. SBC Package for Reducing Stigma and Discrimination.
7. SBC Package for Community Mobilization.
8. SBC Package for Stakeholders.

The SBC Minimum Package is designed to include rapport building materials comprising of communications hooks and neutral messages regarding one’s health and wellbeing. These subtly progress into messages encouraging testing, prevention and condom use.

The Aastha Ambassador SBC Package is designed to reinforce the Safe Behavior practiced by the KP and further encouraging her to take on the role of a mentor or advocate who urges others in her community to follow in her footsteps and keep themselves infection free.

The Staying Negative SBC Package is designed to reinforce the KPs with relatively lower risk behaviors to further reduce their risk and continue to strengthen their practice of safe behaviors.

The SBC Plus Package is designed to heighten risk perception among the At Most Risk KPs and urge them for behavior change to reduce their risk and adopt safer behaviors. Messages stress on prevention, condom use, regular testing, and clinic attendance.

The PLHIV SBC Package is designed to cater to the specific communication needs of HIV Positive KPs. Messages focus on positive living, positive prevention, ART adherence, support group participation and so on.

Across all the abovementioned Packages there are cross-cutting packages of Community Mobilization (Aastha Gat Participation) and Reduction of Stigma and Discrimination. These factors are relevant to all segments of KPs and hence are incorporated via different SBC materials into each of the Packages.

Additionally, there is a common component of Communication Hooks in all Packages. Beauty, Money and Children are used as hooks to get the KPs’ attention, build rapport, sustain interest and initiate dialogue regarding the risk behaviors and desired behavior change.

There is also an SBC Package for Stakeholders which is designed to reach stakeholders in the KPs’ environment such as bar managers, madams, pimps, local leaders, local paan shop owners, health care providers, and customers. The messages are tailored in a manner that is of interest to the stakeholder and urges behavior/ change in a manner that can indirectly reduce the risk and vulnerability of the KPs.

Training of Trainers is conducted with PEs and ORWs every new set of SBC materials introduced in the field. The PE Master Trainers are mentored to disseminate the training to their respective fellow PEs as well the Aastha Gat leaders within their micro- site.