1. Can be used by (PEs) and with a low literate population.
2. Easy to understand and relate to.
3. Most of the materials can be used in a public place.
4. Generates discussion among KPs.
5. Increases involvement of the KPs in the discussion.
6. Requires little time to conduct the session.
7. Do not require highly specialized skills to conduct the sessions. Requires basic interpersonal communication skills.
8. Leads the discussion towards health issues.
9. Easy to carry.
10. Is interesting.
11. Image-oriented story-telling makes it friendly for illiterate/ low literate KPs. Pictorial representation and interactive material will make the audience participate and be interested.
12. It involves the audience and hence will attract attention.
13. Makes use of communications hooks such as money, children, beauty which is significant to KPs.
14. Addresses a subject of their interest and importance.
15. Can also be used during the Drop-in-Center and group meetings.
16. Image oriented story telling will keep the audience engaged.
17. Creates a strong emotional connect.
18. Highlights the positive and negative aspects of a situation.
19. Invokes them to make a choice and choose their behavior.