FHI 360 would like to acknowledge the contribution of all the individuals whose technical expertise and field knowledge has gone into the development of these SBC materials and this manual.

We thank the following team members, who have been associated with Aastha at different points of time, for their part in developing the approaches and materials that are presented in this document:

Dr. Sanjeev Singh Gaikwad, Director – Maharashtra Program, FHI360
Mr. Abhishek Jain, Technical Manager – SBC, FHI360
Ms. Dilnavaz Munshi, Senior Technical Officer – SBC, FHI360
Mr. Ramesh Mudaliar, Intuitions Communication
Ms. Prarthana Siddharth, Consultant
Ms. Nancy Jamieson (former Senior Technical Officer, BCC for Asia Pacific region; FHI)
Ms. Anjali Singh (former Technical Officer, BCC; FHI Aastha)
Mr. Vinay Deshpande, Consultant
Mr. Ashok Bhandarkar, Consultant
Ms. Sonali Mukherjee (former Technical Officer, BCC, FHI Aastha)
Ms. Sumita Taneja, Director Programs, FHI360