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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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- Topics
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Approaches
- Laboratory
- Clinical
- Syndromic
- Syndromic
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Accuracy
- Genital Ulcer
- Algorithm
- Urethral
- Algorithm
- Vaginal
- Vaginitis
- Cervicitis
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Abdominal
- Algorithm
- Algorithm
- Other Issues
- Treatment
- Screening
- The Four Cs
- Resources
- HIV Testing
> Vaccination
- Preliminary
- Summary


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Section 3 - STD Management

Screening and Vaccination

  • Screening and treatment of pregnant women for syphillis is effective and affordable

  • Screening for cervical cancer, associated with HPV, is appropriate when treatment is available

  • Hepatitis B vaccination is recommended in some countries for all newborns

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Screening for syphilis and cervical cancer is important. Untreated syphilis in pregnant women can cause spontaneous abortion, stillbirth, premature birth and infection in the infant. Transmission to the fetus occurs at least 20 percent of the time, depending on the stage of the disease in the mother. Screening and treatment for syphilis is easy to do and cost effective with widely available kits. A syphilis screening test can be performed while the woman waits for the result, and treatment with penicillin can begin immediately if the woman is infected.

Some forms of human papilloma virus appear to be highly associated with cervical cancer. Early stages of cervical cancer can be treated but, if left untreated, it is eventually fatal. Cervical cancer can be detected visually or by Pap smears. Screening for cervical cancer should be done when treatment is available. Unfortunately, neither treatment of cervical cancer nor Pap smears are widely available in many countries.

Hepatitis B can be serious since it affects liver function. A vaccine to prevent it exists, and a few developed countries recommend the vaccine for all newborns.



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