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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Section 3 - STD Management

Managing Resources: Drug Supply and Storage

  • Factors limiting drug availability:
    • cost and national policies
    • priorities for limited supplies

  • Program managers need to consider:
    • local prevalence of STDs
    • availablility of effective drugs
    • safe and secure storage

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For STD management, providers need a dependable supply of effective drugs.

Several factors may limit drug availability. Drugs to treat STDs can be expensive. Access to these drugs may be limited by national drug policies, or by ordering and distribution systems. Priorities for using limited drug supplies to treat other medical conditions may mean that the same drugs are not available for treating STDs.

In managing drug supplies, programs need to consider local prevalence of STDs, the availability of drugs, and the effectiveness of affordable drugs against microorganisms found in the area.

Proper storage of drugs for treating STD and AIDS-related infections is critical. These drugs are mostly antibiotics that may lose their potency if not protected from excessive sunlight, moisture or heat. No drug should be used beyond its expiration date. Increasing the dosage of such drugs to compensate for loss of potency should never be attempted because of serious risk of overdosage and toxicity. Storage areas should be secured to prevent unauthorized access.



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