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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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- Topics
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Approaches
- Laboratory
- Clinical
- Syndromic
- Syndromic
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
- Accuracy
- Genital Ulcer
- Algorithm
- Urethral
> Algorithm
- Vaginal
- Vaginitis
- Cervicitis
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Abdominal
- Algorithm
- Algorithm
- Other Issues
- Treatment
- Screening
- The Four Cs
- Resources
- HIV Testing
- Vaccination
- Preliminary
- Summary


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Section 3 - STD Management

Urethral Discharge: Algorithm

Urethral Discharge: Algorithm diagram

Slide 62

If a man complains of discharge from his penis, the provider uses the urethral discharge algorithm. This slide shows one possible algorithm for this syndrome.

The provider first examines the man to confirm that he has a discharge and to see if any other signs of STDs are present, such as a genital ulcer or swollen glands. If there is no discharge on the external genitalia, including the inner surface of the foreskin and areas normally covered by the foreskin, the provider can ask the patient to try to squeeze discharge from the penis.

If the client does have discharge, he should be treated for gonorrhea and chlamydia. Also, the man should be advised to return for re-evaluation if the symptoms persist.



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