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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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- Topics
- Introduction
- Objectives
- Approaches
- Laboratory
- Clinical
- Syndromic
- Syndromic
- Strengths
- Weaknesses
> Accuracy
- Genital Ulcer
- Algorithm
- Urethral
- Algorithm
- Vaginal
- Vaginitis
- Cervicitis
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Algorithms
- Abdominal
- Algorithm
- Algorithm
- Other Issues
- Treatment
- Screening
- The Four Cs
- Resources
- HIV Testing
- Vaccination
- Preliminary
- Summary


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Section 3 - STD Management

Syndromic Approach: Accuracy

Syndomic Approach: Accuracy table

Slide 58

FP/MCH providers most often see four syndromes: genital ulcer syndrome in men and women; urethral discharge syndrome in men; lower abdominal pain syndrome in women; and vaginal discharge syndrome in women. The degree of accuracy of the algorithms used for each syndrome varies.

The algorithms for the genital ulcer and urethral discharge syndromes are good at diagnosing and treating STDs. The algorithm for the lower abdominal pain syndrome has moderate accuracy.

The vaginal discharge syndrome is problematic. Vaginal discharge may be due to vaginitis, cervicitis or both. In diagnosing and treating vaginitis, an infection of the vagina, the algorithm used for vaginal discharge syndrome has moderate accuracy. In diagnosing and treating cervicitis, an infection of the cervix, this algorithm has poor accuracy.

The next section describes algorithms for these four syndromes. Programs may choose to add STD management services using all or only selected algorithms. Other STD syndromes that providers see less frequently will not be discussed.

Learner Note: If locally developed algorithms are available for these four syndromes, you may want to use them instead of, or in addition to, the algorithms presented in the next group of slides.



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