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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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- Objectives
- Prevention
- Education
- Assessing
- Skills Training
- Behavioral
- Couples
- Peer Groups
- Contraceptive
- Dual Method
- Alternative
- Male Condom
- Negotiating
- Reaching
> Correct Use
- Promotion
- Female
- Correct Use
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- Summary

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Section 2 - STD Prevention

Correct Use of the Male Condom

Correct Use of the Male Condom

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The quality, and thus reliability, of condoms has improved since the AIDS epidemic began. With modern technology and quality control, breakage of the male condom is rarely due to faulty manufacturing. Most breakage is due to human error.

Thus, whenever possible, clients should be shown how to put on and take off a condom. Clients should be encouraged to practice using a penis model. This practice can give users more confidence and make correct use more likely.

Key messages during counseling for correct male condom use include:

  • Open the package carefully. Do not use sharp objects such as scissors, teeth or knives.

  • Hold the condom so that the rolled rim is facing up. Unroll the condom onto the erect penis all the way to the base of the penis before any direct genital contact is made.

  • For lubrication, use only water-based solutions. Do not use petroleum or other oil-based products.

  • After ejaculation, pull the erect penis out of the vagina, while holding the condom on at the base of the penis.

  • Remove the condom. Tie it, then throw it away in a trash container.

  • Use a new condom for each act of sexual intercourse.


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