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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Section 1
Section 2

- Objectives
- Prevention
- Education
- Assessing
- Skills Training
- Behavioral
- Couples
- Peer Groups
- Contraceptive
> Dual Method
- Alternative
- Male Condom
- Negotiating
- Reaching
- Correct Use
- Promotion
- Female
- Correct Use
- Resource
- Resource
- Summary

Section 3


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Section 2 - STD Prevention

Dual Method Use

Dual Method Use diagram

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If a person needs effective contraception and is at increased risk of STD infection, providers should recommend using two methods. They should suggest that clients use a primary method that is highly effective for pregnancy prevention and then add a condom for STD prevention.

Drawbacks to this approach include additional costs for the client and the need for the client to be motivated to use two methods. Research indicates that the more effective the primary contraceptive method is in preventing pregnancy, the less consistent is use of the male condom.



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