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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Section 1

- Introduction
- Overview
- Objectives
- Infections
- Most Common
- Ulcerative
- Non-Ulcerative
- Curable
- Incurable
- Factors
- Consequences
- Risk of HIV
- STD Control
- Transmitters
- Containing
- Social Norms
- Condom Use
- Management
- Challenges
- Program Level
- Women at Risk
- Reaching Men
- Adolescents
- Adolescents
- Reaching
- Prevention
> Management
- Summary

Section 2
Section 3


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Section 1 - STDs: An Overview

Provider Level: STD Management

  • Diagnosis

  • Treatment or referral

  • Four Cs:
Four C's of STD Management

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In addition to prevention services, some FP/MCH programs may be able to provide STD management services. These would include diagnostic services with either treatment of infected clients or referral for treatment. STD management also should emphasize the four Cs: counseling and education to prevent further infection, condom use, compliance with treatment, and contacting partners for diagnosis.

The practical steps that programs can take to help prevent and manage STDs will be discussed in the next two sections of this presentation.



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