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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Section 1

- Introduction
- Overview
- Objectives
- Infections
- Most Common
- Ulcerative
- Non-Ulcerative
- Curable
- Incurable
- Factors
- Consequences
- Risk of HIV
- STD Control
- Transmitters
- Containing
- Social Norms
- Condom Use
- Management
- Challenges
- Program Level
- Women at Risk
- Reaching Men
- Adolescents
- Adolescents
- Reaching
> Prevention
- Management
- Summary

Section 2
Section 3


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Section 1 - STDs: An Overview

Provider Level: STD Prevention

Provider with male client
  • Counseling to assess risk and reduce risky behaviors

  • Contraceptive choice in context of STD control

  • Condom provision and promotion

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FP/MCH providers can play an important role in two areas: STD prevention and STD management. The degree to which providers incorporate these services into their programs varies. Providers can easily offer STD prevention services.

These services include counseling to assess risk and to help clients reduce risky behaviors. Providers can help clients evaluate various contraceptive methods in the context of their particular risk of infection and family planning goals. They can also provide and promote condoms.



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