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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Section 1

- Introduction
- Overview
- Objectives
- Infections
- Most Common
- Ulcerative
- Non-Ulcerative
- Curable
- Incurable
- Factors
- Consequences
- Risk of HIV
- STD Control
- Transmitters
- Containing
- Social Norms
- Condom Use
- Management
- Challenges
- Program Level
- Women at Risk
> Reaching Men
- Adolescents
- Adolescents
- Reaching
- Prevention
- Management
- Summary

Section 2
Section 3


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Section 1 - STDs: An Overview

Program Level: Reaching Men

Group of men
  • Reaching men is critical for effective STD prevention

  • Family planning programs can reach men by:

    • appealing to their self
      interest in avoiding STDs

    • providing STD services to them

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Reaching only women with STD prevention messages or treating only infected women has limited effectiveness. If a woman is treated for an STD infection, her sexual partner must be treated as well. If not, the woman likely will be reinfected and scarce resources will have been wasted. In addition, women may not be able to negotiate safe sex with their partners unless their partners are also aware of the risks for STD infection and are willing to change their behavior. Thus, reaching men is critical for STD prevention.

FP/MCH programs can reach out to men, by appealing to men’s inherent interest in avoiding STDs and providing men with services. PROFAMILIA, the International Planned Parenthood Federation affiliate in Colombia, is one example of a program that provides STD services for men in its traditional clinics, as well as in male-only clinics.

Some family planning programs that have successfully added services for men have been able to expand overall services without reducing services for women.

Learner Note: Slide 41 in Section 2 of this module provides more information on the subject of reaching men.



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