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Sexually Transmitted Diseases
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Presenter Information

How to Use this Module

This training module is designed to engage the learner. Adult learning and retention improve when the learner participates actively in the learning process. Sexually Transmitted Diseases can be used as either an interactive self-study program or as a participatory, group training experience. If you are a self-study user or a first-time group presenter, please use the Go To Self-Study Info tab at the top right of this screen to enter the Self-Study section. Note that while in this section, you will find a Go To Presenter Info tab in this same location. We recommend that group presenters work through the self-study version of the curriculum first in order to prepare for the group training. It is expected that completing this curriculum will take approximately 90 to 120 minutes. After completing the self-study version of the curriculum, group presenters should return to this point to prepare to lead a training session using the Presenter Tools.

The Presenter Tools section contains print and projection tools. Most files are in Adobe© Acrobat© format, including:

  • Color Slides for Online Presentation
  • Master Slides for Overhead Projection
  • PowerPoint Slideshow (Microsoft PowerPoint format)
  • Presenter Notes
  • Objectives
  • Handouts
  • Summary Fact Sheet
  • Post-test
  • Evaluation
  • References

The Color Slides for the Online Presentation section is a PDF document for presentation on a computer screen or projection from a computer. If an overhead projector is your only available projection device, print the Master Slides for Overhead Projection and copy onto transparencies for presentation. These black and white slides may also be used as a tabletop flip chart if no other means of presentation is available.

A PowerPoint Slideshow containing 82 PowerPoint slides is included for your use if PowerPoint software is available on your computer. You are encouraged to consider the usefulness of each slide when preparing a presentation for your audience. Slides can be deleted, added from another source, or rearranged to highlight certain information.

Use the Presenter Notes section to print speaker's notes for yourself, and review them before presenting. This is a carefully researched and reviewed script designed to accompany the slides. You are strongly encouraged to use this information to develop your own presentation. The Presenter Notes section includes narrative text for each slide. At times, "Notes to the Presenter" follow the narrative. These notes contain information about other modules or references. Refer to these notes as necessary to expand the training material.

Print out the Objectives document for the participants and yourself. Review the objectives for each section with the participants before presenting the information on those sections of the module.

Use the Handouts section to print note-taking handouts for your participants. Each page displays three slides with space for taking notes during the presentation. These can be printed in color or grayscale.

There is a summary fact sheet for sexually transmitted diseases. This should be printed and distributed to audience members to help them remember key learning points.

The Post-test section includes the post-test and an answer key. Use the post-test after the session to evaluate what the audience members have learned.

The Evaluation section contains an evaluation form for participants. This will allow them to give feedback to FHI on their learning experience. It is not designed for each individual module, but rather for the overall use of information and the style in which it is presented for all of the modules. Please inform the participants that upon completing the 12 modules, including the post-tests, they are eligible to receive a certificate of completion. In order to receive the certificate they need to fill out the evaluation form and send or fax it to FHI. They may use the address or fax number provided at the end of the evaluation form.

The References section contains a list of important readings about sexually transmitted diseases and should be printed and distributed to any participant who wants to learn more about these topics. The information in this presentation was drawn from these sources.



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