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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
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Section 1
Section 2

- Introduction
- Objectives
- Goals
- Eligibility Criteria
- Who Can Use
- Conditions
- Counseling
- Myths
- Side Effects
> IUD Use
- Complications
- Complications

Section 3


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Section 2 - Client Screening and Counseling

IUD Use and Follow-up

Teach clients how to check for strings:

  • With clean fingers
  • After each menses
    (expulsion most likely in first 6 months)

Schedule follow-up visits at:

  • 3 to 6 weeks
  • 1 year; yearly thereafter

Return to clinic for questions, problems
or signs of complications

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Another element of counseling is discussion of IUD use and follow-up care. Teach the client how to check for her IUD by feeling for the strings. Make sure that she knows to wash her hands thoroughly before inserting her fingers into her vagina. If she is unwilling or unable to check with her hand, she can be counseled to inspect the pads she uses during menses carefully to check for a possible expelled IUD. Emphasize the importance of routinely checking for strings after each menses, especially during the first six months, since this is when the IUD is most likely to be expelled. The client should be advised to use a backup method of contraception, such as condoms, and visit the provider as soon as possibleif she notices the strings are missing.

Schedule the client for a return visit three to six weeks after the insertion to check the position of the IUD strings and to check for signs of infection. If she has no problems at the time of her checkup or during the following months, she needs only to return to the clinic yearly for routine checkups. The client should be encouraged to return to the clinic any time she has a question or concern. Be sure she knows when to return to have her IUD replaced or removed.

When the client returns for a checkup, ask her if she is satisfied with the IUD. Ask if she has any questions or problems, and whether she is experiencing any unpleasant side effects. A client who requests that an IUD be removed should have that request honored as soon as possible. It is not advisable to discourage the client from having the IUD removed if she does not want to continue using it.



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