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Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)
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Section 1

- Introduction
- Objectives
- Safety
- Overview
> Early IUDs
- Copper IUDs
- Mechanisms
- Failure Rates
- Comparison
- Method Costs
- Characteristics
- Characteristics
- Incidence Rate
- Reducing Risk
- Perforations
- Ectopic
- Expulsions
- Rates

Section 2
Section 3


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Section 1 - Intrauterine Devices (IUDs)

Early IUDs

Examples of Early IUDs

Slide 5

The first IUDs were developed at the beginning of this century, although widespread acceptance has only occurred in recent decades. Modern IUDs have been used widely since the 1960s and have been modified and redesigned to improve their safety and efficacy. As this slide shows, IUDs have been developed in various shapes and sizes and made from various types of materials, including plastic and stainless steel. Many women continue to use some of these older devices successfully, such as the Lippes Loop and the Chinese stainless steel ring, with some remaining in place until menopause.



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