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Barrier Methods
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Section 3 - Barrier Methods and Reproductive Health:
Programmatic Concerns

Choices for Dual-Method Use

Choices for Dual-Method Use chart

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When considering dual-method use, the provider and the client must deal with the question of what is the primary method. Most family planning programs that recommend dual-method use offer a primary method that is highly effective for pregnancy prevention and add a barrier method, usually the male condom, for STD prevention.

Important challenges exist for this approach to dual-method use. Providing two methods is more costly; even one method may be expensive for many programs and couples. Clients may not understand the need to use both methods consistently and correctly. In order for dual-method use to be effective, counseling is needed for both methods, and a high degree of user motivation is required.

Another approach to dual-method use is to use the male condom as the primary method for both STD and pregnancy prevention. A back-up method, emergency contraception, can be added if the condom is not used or if it breaks or slips off during intercourse. Emergency contraception is usually provided in the form of low-dose combined oral contraceptives. The current recommended regimen is to take four low-dose combined pills within 72 hours after unprotected intercourse, and repeat the same dose 12 hours later. A woman must have easy access to emergency contraception and be counseled to use it if she chooses this option.

Learner Note: The most commonly used pills are those containing levonorgestrel (LNG) and 30 mcg of ethinyl estradiol.



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