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Barrier Methods
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- Information
- Objectives
- Male Condom
- Properties
- Latex
- Plastic
- Correct Use
- Breakage
- Behaviors
- Cautions
- Protection
- Female
- Characteristics
- Use
- Spermicides
- Characteristics
- Correct Use
- Preferences
- Diaphragm
- Characteristics
- Considerations
- Correct Use
- Fitting
> Follow-up
- Sponge
- New Methods

Section 3


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Section 2 - Method Information

Follow-up Issues for the Diaphragm and Cervical Cap

  • Return for periodic checkups

  • May need refitting if a woman:
    • gains or loses weight
    • has a baby
    • has 2nd or 3rd trimester abortion

  • May need refitting if a woman complains of discomfort

  • Give instructions for management of urinary tract infections

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The woman should return to the clinic for periodic check-ups or for any problems. The device may last two to three years, depending on usage. The size, however, may need to be changed if the woman gains or loses a significant amount of weight, has a baby, or has a second or third trimester abortion. Also, rubber deteriorates, so the device needs to be checked for small holes. A woman should return to her provider for a replacement of a damaged device and use another form of contraception in the meantime.

Both a diaphragm and cap should be comfortable if fitted properly. A woman with discomfort should be examined for signs of irritation from the spermicide and for improper fitting. If the size is correct, the provider should demonstrate again the method of preparing, inserting and removing the device. If the device remains uncomfortable, she should be counseled to use another method.

A woman with repeated urinary tract infections may be helped by reducing the amount of time she wears a diaphragm, although she must wear it for at least six hours after intercourse. She may also try being fitted for a smaller size, urinating more often before and after intercourse, or changing contraceptive methods.



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