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Barrier Methods
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Section 1
Section 2

- Information
- Objectives
- Male Condom
- Properties
- Latex
- Plastic
- Correct Use
- Breakage
- Behaviors
- Cautions
- Protection
- Female
- Characteristics
- Use
- Spermicides
- Characteristics
- Correct Use
> Preferences
- Diaphragm
- Characteristics
- Considerations
- Correct Use
- Fitting
- Follow-up
- Sponge
- New Methods

Section 3


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Section 2 - Method Information

User Preferences for Different Types of Spermicides

Chart showing User Preferences for Different Types of Spermicides

Source: Steiner, et al. 1995.
Slide 28

Users may prefer different types of spermicidal products, depending on culture and personal taste. When making decisions about which spermicidal products to offer, providers should recognize individual preferences and offer various options whenever possible.

A study of 162 women in Kenya, Mexico and the Dominican Republic found that vaginal film was preferred over tablets. The portion preferring film varied significantly, however, from 86 percent in Kenya to 58 percent in Mexico and only 52 percent in the Dominican Republic. At each site, even though a majority preferred the film, a sizeable number had a preference for tablets. This emphasizes the need for programs to offer a variety of barrier methods when possible.



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