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Barrier Methods
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Section 1
Section 2

> Information
- Objectives
- Male Condom
- Properties
- Latex
- Plastic
- Correct Use
- Breakage
- Behaviors
- Cautions
- Protection
- Female
- Characteristics
- Use
- Spermicides
- Characteristics
- Correct Use
- Preferences
- Diaphragm
- Characteristics
- Considerations
- Correct Use
- Fitting
- Follow-up
- Sponge
- New Methods

Section 3


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Section 2 - Method Information

Information on Each Method

Topics to be Covered

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What follows is a brief explanation of each type of barrier method. We discuss the mechanism of action, as well as characteristics, counseling issues and important research findings specific to each method. The male condom is discussed first, followed by the female condom, spermicides, diaphragm and cervical cap, the vaginal sponge, and potential new barrier methods.



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