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Reproductive Health of Young Adults
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Health of
Young Adults

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Contraceptive Technology and Reproductive
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Self-Study Information

Getting Started

After you read this introduction section, continue with the module, beginning at the Contents section. First-time users should follow the sections page by page, using the Next buttons at the bottom of each screen. Returning users should feel free to use the left-hand side navigation column to move to any page for review.

When you have completed all of the material in this module — approximately 120 to 150 minutes of time — take the post-test found in the Post-test section to evaluate your level of mastery of this content.

Certificate of Completion

Once you complete all twelve modules, you are eligible to receive a certificate of completion (as seen below). Please be sure to complete the post-test for each module and review any wrong answers. Also, it is required that you mail or fax a completed self-study evaluation form to FHI. You may use the address or fax number provided at the end of the form.

Certificate of completion

Please enclose your correct mailing address or a business card so that FHI can mail your certificate of completion. Make sure that your mailing address is complete — include the name of your country!

Contact Information

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