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Research Ethics Training Curriculum
Second Edition

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  • The curriculum is available as a single downloadable PDF of 444 pages (4.8 MB)
  • This version is for use by facilitators or learners who wish to print the whole curriculum and read it off-line.

Support for Adobe Flash and Flash Player will end December 2020. As a result, the test and certificate portion of this curriculum is removed from the site. Thank you for your understanding.

The web version is available for your individual use or group training. Please note: Any part of the suggested narrative and any slide used in this curriculum may be copied, reproduced, distributed or adapted provided that:

  • FHI 360 is credited as the source of such information on all copies, reproductions, distributions and adaptations of material.
  • The recipient of the material does not copy, reproduce, distribute or adapt this material for commercial gain.

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