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ZORDAR Project: Promotion of Zinc and ORS for Reduction of Diarrhea and Averting its Recurrence in Madhya Pradesh, India, End of Project Report

June 2016 — This end of project report traces the evolution, achievements and lessons of the Zinc and ORS to Reduce Diarrhea and Avert Its Recurrence (ZORDAR) project. The goal of the project, which was funded by the Clinton Health Access Initiative (CHAI), was to reduce childhood diarrhea in Madhya Pradesh, India, by promoting oral rehydration solution and zinc. 

From 2012 through 2016, the project:

  • Reached approximately 17,000 rural health care providers and drugstores across 18,895 villages
  • Distributed about 2.5 million units of oral rehydration solution and 1 million units of zinc through partners supported by FHI 360
  • Documented that 82 percent of registered providers became repeat users and bought oral rehydration solution and zinc more than five times during the life of the project