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United States Programs (fact sheet)

June 2020 — FHI 360’s U.S. Programs team works to improve the well-being of all Americans throughout their lifetimes by focusing on three main drivers of success — health, education and employment. This fact sheet provides an overview our programs and our work to promote equity and ensure that people from diverse backgrounds and experiences are empowered to reach their full potential and live productive and healthy lives.

United States Programs Research and Evaluation (fact sheet)

May 2020 — This fact sheet highlights research and evaluation (R&E) work done by FHI 360’s United States Programs team, which focuses on improving health, education and workforce development and using social marketing and communication campaigns to address social issues. The fact sheet covers our approach to R&E, the set of R&E services we offer, selected projects and recent clients. Our R&E findings have helped government agencies, nonprofit organizations and corporate social responsibility initiatives gain insight into communities and populations, design effective interventions and measure the impact of policies and programs.