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South-to-South Mentoring Toolkit for Key Populations

2016 — Although much knowledge has been transferred from the global South to the global South (S2S) and numerous guides have been produced about mentoring, few tools exist on how to best conduct S2S mentoring. The LINKAGES project designed this toolkit for existing mentors from key-population-led organizations (KPOs) in the global South to enhance the quality of mentoring support available to other KPOs in the global South. Specifically, this toolkit aims to support mentors to understand what S2S mentoring is, their role in S2S mentoring, different S2S mentoring approaches and how to choose among them, and the technical skills needed to mentor effectively. It also provides best practices in enabling local KPOs that are already engaged in mentoring to more effectively manage, conduct and monitor mentoring activities. The audience is mentoring practitioners both within the LINKAGES project and beyond.