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Select Family Planning and HIV Integration Resources

Family planning and HIV integration is an important strategy for addressing the reproductive health needs of women and couples living with, and at risk of, HIV. Preventing pregnancy in HIV-positive women who do not wish to become pregnant is also an important and cost-effective way to prevent new HIV infections in infants and, by extension, reduce the number of children needing HIV treatment, care and support.

The following materials aim to help stakeholders strengthen the linkages between family planning and HIV/AIDS and include resources for technical guidance, evidence syntheses, programmatic case studies and service delivery tools. Other resources, including The Case for Integrating Family Planning and HIV/AIDS Services: Evidence, Policy Support, and Programmatic ExperienceCountry Assessment: Family Planning Needs in the Context of the HIV/AIDS EpidemicIntegration of Family Planning into VCT Services in Kenya, and a Prezi about integrating family planning into HIV programs, are also available.