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Results from DRG Integration Innovation Fund Activities

March 2016 — This brief summarizes the results of the successful democracy, rights and governance (DRG) integration pilot implemented by FHI 360 as part of the USAID Program for Governance and Peace (PGP). We conducted the pilot activities in Casamance, a marginalized area of Senegal with one of the longest standing civil conflicts in Africa. The pilot was funded through the Integration Innovation Fund from the USAID Democracy, Rights and Governance Center of Excellence.

Activities targeted an endemic, multi-sectoral problem: the lack of birth registrations and birth certificates for children ages 14 and under. Birth certificates in Senegal enable access to health care, education, voting rights and other vital services. Using the Good Governance Barometer (GGB) process, FHI 360 integrated governance principles and approaches into the management of the civil records, justice, health, and education sectors.