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Quit it!

Teasing and bullying do not affect just bullies and their victims, they have an impact on everyone and can seriously disturb the learning environment. Quit it! is a research-based, school-wide program for grades K–3. The Quit it! curriculum and companion CD-ROMs provide the tools to address teasing and bullying proactively, starting in the early years. Quit it! has been implemented in schools in Connecticut, Manhattan and New Jersey, and evaluations of those programs have illustrated their effectiveness in reducing teasing and bullying behavior, increasing adult involvement in teasing and bullying incidents, and contributing to a more civil climate in the classroom.

Quit it! materials include a teacher’s guide and two CDs. The teacher's guide integrates the topics of teasing and bullying into the daily life of the classroom through three sequential themes: creating our rules, talking about teasing and bullying, and exploring courage. The classroom CD, "Stories about Teasing and Bullying," is interactive and illustrates how boys and girls problem-solve real-life teasing and bullying situations. “Implementing the Quit it! School-Wide Model,” provides research findings, assessment tools, agendas for professional development, family involvement workshops, policy development, and resources.

Quit it! can be ordered here.