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Papua New Guinea Newsletters

2019 — Each newsletter features activities of the project in Papua New Guinea, including profile pieces, meetings, impacts and site visits from funders and stakeholders. The first issue, in 2015, was annual. Subsequent issues are quarterly.

  • July 2019. This issue highlights achievements across all projects, from family planning training in rural areas, to reconnecting patients to vital antiretroviral treatment, to seeing huge success from integrated gender-based violence and HIV service in a clinic.
  • April 2019. This newsletter announces follow-on funding for the USAID HIV Support Activity in PNG project and highlights World TB Day activities and the expansion of KLOM, the gender-based violence project.
  • January 2019. This newsletter presents activities on financial literacy and inclusion as a way to achieve economic empowerment, our community-based TB treatment program and a family planning training.
  • October 2018. This issue highlights the impact of the recently completed project, Strengthening HIV/AIDS Services for Key Populations in PNG. It also covers a report on best practices for integrating gender-based violence and HIV/sexually transmitted infection services.
  • July 2018. This issue looks at achievements from the project’s six years, including strengthening HIV/AIDS services for key populations, integrating HIV and TB services, and promoting the rights of people with disabilities.
  • April 2018. This issue highlights World TB Day activities, work on gender-based violence and how lay counselors are assets to our HIV program.
  • January 2018. This issue presents information on a new tuberculosis project, an event led by children to say “no” to violence and an appreciation award to motivate health peer educators.
  • October 2017. This issue talks about the successful handover of the HIV program to the government in Madang, the tuberculosis work in various provinces, and financial inclusion and gender equality in Mount Hagen.
  • July 2017. This issue talks about a stakeholders workshop to strengthen a monitoring and evaluation system for HIV services, a gender-based violence research report and highlights from the CAP-TB project.
  • April 2017. This issue talks about activities to celebrate International Women’s Day, recognition of excellence from one of our partners and strides made against gender-based violence targets in an HIV project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • January 2017. This issue highlights achievements from 2016, including: strengthening HIV/AIDS services for key populations, successful World AIDS Day activities, an inspiring story from a peer educator, gender-based violence prevention through youth trainings at a soccer World Cup event, and our work in tuberculosis.
  • October 2016. This issue sheds light on HIV services and progress, activities to bring about awareness of sexual and gender-based violence, and how to secure donor funding.
  • July 2016. This issue highlights the empowerment of women against gender-based violence, promotion of condom use as a preventive measure, and strategic approaches to enhance safe sexual practices and HIV services.
  • April 2016. This issue talks about FHI 360 participation at the annual PNG Women’s Forum and highlights the country team’s work in combating gender-based violence, including the first Family Sexual Violence helpline. The issue also brings awareness to diabetes and HIV services in Papua New Guinea.
  • January 2016. This issue shines a spotlight on our attendance at the Gender 360 Summit in Bangkok, a successful men’s discussion forum in Vanimo and a positive mobile voluntary testing and counseling event in Hanuabada village.
  • 2015 annual newsletter. This edition features activities including community education, profile pieces, descriptions of site visits from donors and stakeholders, and our work on two sets of guidelines: one for HIV care and treatment and one for management of gender-based violence.