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OBULAMU Campaign Implementation Guide for Phase One: How's Your Love Life?

2015 — This implementation guide supports the rollout of the phase one platform of the OBULAMU (How’s your love life?) campaign. The campaign is a series of innovative health communication interventions developed by the Communication for Healthy Communities project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development and implemented by FHI 360, the Uganda Ministry of Health and other implementing partners. 

The guide provides an overview of the OBULAMU campaign with detailed information about phase one, which addresses young adults in relationships, persons living with HIV and other key populations ages 18–30. Phase one aims to improve the knowledge, motivation and risk perception, skills, norms and supportive environment of young adults in relationships so they can adopt relevant health behaviors on condom use, HIV testing and counseling, safe male circumcision, multiple sexual partner reduction, antiretroviral therapy adherence and discordance, pregnancy prevention, and tuberculosis testing and drug adherence.

The OBULAMU campaign is designed in four phases that follow a life-stage approach for audience focus. The other three phases, to be rolled out later in 2015, address pregnant women and their partners, male and female caretakers of children under 5, and adolescent girls and boys. Each phase also addresses persons living with HIV and other key populations.