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Integrating WASH into HIV Interventions and Advancing Improved Sanitation Uptake: WASHplus Kenya End of Project Report

September 2014 — What started as an activity to integrate sanitation and hygiene practices into HIV/AIDS care and support programs has grown over the years into a holistic approach to prevent diarrhea among households at risk. The WASHplus project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, helped communities and households in Kenya make the connection between improved sanitation, healthy hygiene habits and positive outcomes for people living with HIV and AIDS, their families, children, the elderly and other vulnerable households. This report highlights the innovation, flexibility and commitment to working closely with the government that proved to be crucial to the project’s success. With the government’s adoption of the project’s signature approach, small doable actions are likely to continue to resonate with many audiences long after the WASHplus transition.