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Integrating Gender and GBV into HIV Prevention Programming in Mozambique: Wisdom from the Field

December 2015 — This brief highlights the importance of community-driven, multidimensional support in achieving social behavior change for the prevention of HIV and gender-based violence (GBV). FHI 360’s Capable Partners Program (CAP) Mozambique, which strengthens the capacity of Mozambican civil society organizations to combat HIV/AIDS, integrated gender and GBV concepts as part of the U.S. Agency for International Development’s Gender-Based Violence Initiative. CAP Mozambique selected six local partners with social behavior change communication activities and layered GBV concepts into their work. Community training sessions prompted reflection on specific issues identified during formative research. CAP Mozambique also helped the local organizations assess capacity, identify gaps and develop capacity-building plans. An impact evaluation reveals the project positively affected attitudes and behaviors in target communities.