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Food by Prescription: Impact of Food Supplements on Nutritional Recovery of Malnourished HIV-Infected Clients — Implementers Meeting, August 2010, Nairobi

August 2010 - Severely undernourished people living with HIV are four times more likely to die of complications than those who are not severely undernourished. For this reason, preventing undernutrition is a key objective in HIV and tuberculosis (TB) programs. FHI 360’s Kenya Nutrition and HIV Program (NHP), the flagship Kenyan nutrition program funded the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID), partners with the private sector to strengthen nutritional therapy to people who are undernourished because of HIV or tuberculosis.

This presentation was made in Nairobi at the 2010 Nutrition and HIV Program Implementers meeting. It explores the impact of malnutrition on HIV positive patients, treatment options, operations research and service delivery.