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Enhanced Peer Outreach Approach and Social Networking Strategy (EPOA/SNS): Orientation Curriculum for Peer Leaders: Facilitator Guide

September 2020 — This curriculum and facilitator guide provides an orientation for prospective volunteer peer leaders to engage in both traditional outreach with key populations and social network-based outreach under the Open Doors project social network strategy, based on the enhanced peer outreach approach. The curriculum presents Open Doors project activities, processes, reporting expectations and necessary skills to become a peer leader. The enhanced peer outreach approach incorporates strategic elements, such as performance-based incentives, use of the social network, peer mobilization and tracked referral to HIV testing services. The social network strategy uses social networks to improve case finding among key populations, especially among high-risk individuals who were previously hidden and unreached by the project. The strategy has been shown to be more successful than standard outreach for recruiting and testing members of key populations.