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Contextual barriers, motivations, and coping strategies in the uptake of HCT and condoms among truckers and female sex workers in Busia Township, Busia District: Findings of a Rapid Qualitative Assessment

January 2015 — The Communication for Healthy Communities (CHC) project conducted a rapid qualitative assessment in 2014 with 25 truck drivers and 40 female sex workers in Busia, Uganda. The purpose of the assessment was to more closely understand the characteristics, decision-making factors, coping strategies and processes of those who adopt desirable HIV counseling and testing behaviors and use condoms and to document any specific barriers to adoption of these desirable behaviors. Findings suggested that truckers and female sex workers who effectively use condoms and regularly check their HIV status were motivated by a responsibility to their families, as well as their personal safety. These findings are informing the behavior change communication interventions being implemented by the CHC project.