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Connecting People for a Better World (Global Connections Fact Sheet)

April 2022 — This fact sheet provides an overview of FHI 360’s 40 years of experience leading innovative international exchange programs, scholarship management, institutional partnerships, English-language acquisition programs and virtual learning activities. Conducted by FHI 360’s Global Connections (GC) department, these programs promote leadership, professional development, academic opportunities and global collaboration.  

FHI 360’s GC programs help emerging leaders from around the world develop their academic, leadership and professional skills; make valuable, sustainable global contacts; and gain a deeper understanding of other societies and cultures. GC programs also connect students, scholars and civil society leaders to important opportunities through virtual learning platforms. With a commitment to creating a vibrant, inclusive culture and more equitable world, FHI 360 works to ensure that diversity, equity and inclusion are a central part of our GC program.