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Building the Capacity of Liberia's Ministry of Education to Harness the Power of Information

March 2015 — After 14 years of civil wars, Liberia’s education system was decimated. The conflict caused massive destruction to the country’s infrastructure and civil systems, making it difficult for the government to deliver basic services, including education. 

One of the challenges Liberia faces to rebuilding its education system is a lack of data about schools and teachers. This hinders the government’s ability to accurately allocate resources. To address the challenge, FHI 360 is working with Liberia’s Ministry of Education to build its capacity to utilize information for data-driven decision making. The Liberia Teacher Training Program II (LTTP II), funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, used FHI 360’s geographic information system, called K-Mobile, to map 2,300 government-run schools in Liberia and integrated the information into a larger system that includes details about resources at each school. With this information, the Ministry of Education can now produce reports on school conditions, more accurately track the teacher payroll and more efficiently allocate its limited resources.