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Barriers and Coping Strategies with the Uptake of MCH/ANC-linked Services in a Selected Health Facility Catchment Area in Uganda: Findings of a Rapid Qualitative Assessment

January 2015 — Communication for Healthy Communities (CHC) conducted a rapid qualitative assessment with 107 women and men to assess barriers to uptake of antenatal (ANC) services. Women expressed a desire to protect the well-being of their unborn child, while men named the financial relief that comes with a safe pregnancy and delivery and a healthy child. The study revealed several behavioral factors affecting attendance at ANC clinics that can be addressed with social and behavioral change communication (SBCC) programming. For example, pregnant women’s fear of HIV test results related to social stigma and domestic conflict is a barrier to testing, pointing to a need to provide interpersonal skills building to health providers to prepare them to facilitate spousal dialogue. Findings are informing SBCC programming approaches for implementing partners across Uganda.