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Zambia-led Prevention Initiative (ZPI)

  • Zambia
USAID/U.S. President’s Emergency Plan for AIDS Relief (PEPFAR)
2010 - 2014

The Zambia-led Prevention Initiative (ZPI) works to reduce HIV transmission in Zambia through comprehensive, effective, community-based prevention efforts. ZPI helps communities design efficient, sustainable and locally owned responses to HIV and AIDS; pilots and evaluates interventions; facilitates access to and increased uptake of HIV prevention services; and strengthens the capacity of the Government of Zambia to respond to the epidemic. ZPI also works with the private sector to sustain interventions as part of a broader response to the HIV epidemic in Zambia.

FHI 360 has partnered with the following organizations to carry out activities: the Population Council, Catholic Medical Mission Board (CMMB), Afya Mzuri, Comprehensive HIV/AIDS Management Program (CHAMP), Zambia Health Education and Communications Trust (ZHECT), Project Concern International (PCI) and Hodi.

Initially launched in seven provinces, the project covers the whole of Zambia to build community capacity for effective, gender-sensitive prevention programs, including testing and counseling, male circumcision and prevention of mother-to-child transmission of HIV. In addition to effective prevention of HIV and AIDS, the initiative also supports community-based family planning and reproductive health services.

As of December 2014, ZPI has reached 625,410 members of the target population with individual or small-group HIV preventive interventions. A total of 96,500 persons were reached by individual, small-group or community-level interventions or services that explicitly addressed gender-based violence and coercion.

Moreover, the project has provided testing and counseling services to 216,408 individuals, has reached 20,090 individuals living with HIV and AIDS with a minimum package of prevention interventions and has provided economic strengthening services to 16,021 adults and children.

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