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Technical Support for HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment (RDMA) in Thailand

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Thailand
USAID/Regional Development Mission for Asia (USAID/RDMA)
2007 - 2012

As part of the HIV/AIDS Prevention, Care and Treatment project, FHI 360 provides technical support and capacity building to the Thai government, Global Fund grantees and community-based organizations to strengthen the package of services offered to people living with HIV and to those most at risk for contracting the virus. In addition, the project aims to scale up successful HIV prevention models for most-at-risk populations. The project targets men who have sex with men, transgender persons, injecting drug users and people in impoverished communities in Bangkok, Chiang Mai, and Pattaya.

Under this project, FHI 360 works with government and community-based organizations to provide voluntary counseling and testing services, community-based home care, behavior change communication, monitoring and evaluation, and strategic information and planning.

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