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Senegal Education de Base (EDB) Project

  • Senegal
2008 - 2013

The Education de Base (EDB) project improves the quality and governance of the middle school education system in Senegal, working at the national (policy and systems), regional and school levels. The project also includes basic education options for vulnerable children.

EDB, implemented by FHI 360, strengthens middle school education through a curriculum that is more relevant to the needs of students and provides middle schools with access to information and communication technologies to improve teaching and learning.

The project enhances the capacity of decentralized Ministry of Education structures, local elected bodies, civil society organizations and parent-teacher associations to plan, budget and oversee education resources for middle schools. The project also develops public–private partnerships to support quality basic education.

In addition, EDB provides vulnerable children — particularly girls, children in Quranic schools and street children — with a quality education or professional training. The project returns estranged children to their families if possible.

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