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Scaling Up for Most-at-Risk Populations — Technical Support Project (SUM I)

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Indonesia
2010 - 2015

In Indonesia, FHI 360 serves as a leader in the prevention and treatment of HIV among the country’s most-at-risk populations, including injecting drug users, sex workers, men who have sex with men, waria (transgender people) and the sexual partners of individuals from these groups. The five-year Scaling Up for Most-at-Risk Populations Technical Support Project (SUM I) works to accelerate the implementation of comprehensive and effective interventions for people at risk of HIV infection.

As a key partner of the project, FHI 360:

  • Assists in the design and implementation of evidence-based interventions for rapid scale-up, leading to measurable behavior change among key populations
  • Supports government agencies and civil society organizations working on strategic information efforts, including integrated biological and behavioral surveillance (IBBS), and monitoring and evaluation

Specifically, FHI 360 assists Indonesia’s Ministry of Health with implementation of a new model that integrates services for sexually transmitted infections (STI) with those for HIV and AIDS. The model also offers clinical mentoring and coaching to assist primary health centers in providing quality STI and HIV testing, care, and treatment and prevention services. To increase the reach of these services, SUM I is also working with civil society organizations to build referral systems for key populations.

SUM I added a new condom social marketing and promotion component to support provincial and district AIDS commissions and other stakeholders in accelerating the rate of consistent condom use among at-risk populations. The initiative reaches out to high-risk men and sex workers in places where they socialize and work. Provincial and district AIDS commissions, as well as local civil society organizations, implement the initiative.

The Scaling Up for Most-at-Risk Populations project is a joint undertaking of two USAID-funded projects: the SUM I project, implemented by FHI 360, and the SUM II Project, implemented by the Training Resources Group, RTI International, the Burnet Institute and the AIDS Projects Management Group.

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