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Saath-Saath Project

  • Asia Pacific Regional Office
  • Nepal
2011 - 2016

FHI 360 implements the Saath-Saath (Nepali for together) Project in 33 of 75 districts in Nepal. The project supports the Government of Nepal in its efforts to reduce the transmission and impact of HIV and improve reproductive health among female sex workers and their clients, transgender sex workers, migrant workers and their spouses and people living with HIV. We partner with the Government of Nepal, nongovernmental organizations, United Nations agencies, civil society and the private sector to contain the spread of HIV and increase access to and utilization of HIV prevention, care, support and treatment services, as well as family planning counseling, methods and referrals and gender-based violence prevention and mitigation services. We achieve this through outreach activities and expanded integrated health service sites among selected key affected populations.

Through the Saath-Saath Project, we aim to:

  • Decrease HIV prevalence among key affected populations
  • Increase use of family planning services among key affected populations  
  • Build the Government of Nepal’s capacity to plan, commission and use strategic information
  • Improve quality and increase use of HIV services  
  • Strengthen coordination among all HIV partners 
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