Saath-Saath Project

FHI 360 implements the Saath-Saath (Nepali for together) Project in 33 of 75 districts in Nepal. The project supports the Government of Nepal in its efforts to reduce the transmission and impact of HIV and improve reproductive health among female sex workers and their clients, transgender sex workers, migrant workers and their spouses and people living with HIV. We partner with the Government of Nepal, nongovernmental organizations, United Nations agencies, civil society and the private sector to contain the spread of HIV and increase access to and utilization of HIV prevention, care, support and treatment services, as well as family planning counseling, methods and referrals and gender-based violence prevention and mitigation services. We achieve this through outreach activities and expanded integrated health service sites among selected key affected populations.

Through the Saath-Saath Project, we aim to:

  • Decrease HIV prevalence among key affected populations
  • Increase use of family planning services among key affected populations  
  • Build the Government of Nepal’s capacity to plan, commission and use strategic information
  • Improve quality and increase use of HIV services  
  • Strengthen coordination among all HIV partners 


  • Saath-Saath Bulletin End of Project Special Issue
    August 2016 — This final issue of the Saath-Saath Project bulletin showcases the overall achievements and contributions to Nepal’s National HIV Response from October 2011 to June 2016. Noteworthy achievements include...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 10
    April 2016 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 10 presents how Saath-Saath Project prevention strategies have effectively encouraged key affected populations to adopt safer behaviors and minimize their risks. The issue outlines some of the...
  • Addressing Gender-Based Violence at FHI 360
    November 2015 — This brochure provides an overview of FHI 360’s global projects and services that address gender-based violence.
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 9
    November 2015 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 9 presents a summary of the Joint United Nations Programme on HIV/AIDS (UNAIDS) 90-90-90 targets to reduce HIV and a snapshot of Nepal’s current situation, including Saath-Saath...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 8
    July 2015 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 8 discusses the project’s new initiative on gender-based violence prevention and mitigation services for female sex workers and transgender sex workers that was initiated in October...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 7
    March 2015 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 7 is the project’s International Women’s Day Special Issue. The issue is dedicated to the women leaders of the national networks of key affected populations for their admirable...
  • Getting to Zero: Zero New HIV Infections, Zero Discrimination, Zero AIDS-Related Deaths (2014 World AIDS Day report)
    December 2014 — On December 1, 2014, Nepal commemorated World AIDS Day. This report summarizes the programs and activities coordinated by the Saath-Saath project under the leadership of Nepal’s National Center for AIDS and STD...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 6
    November 2014 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 6 presents the project’s strategies and programs to increase demand, accessibility and utilization of HIV and family planning services among Nepal’s migrant workers and their...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 5
    July 2014 — Saath-Saath Bulletin Volume 5 shows the project’s strategies and programs to reach over 40,000 female sex workers and reduce the prevalence of HIV among this group in 25 districts in Nepal. The bulletin also describes...
  • International Women’s Day 2014 [Nepal]
    March 2014 — On March 8, 2014, the world commemorated International Women’s Day. Read the attached brief to learn more about the ways in which the Saath-Saath Project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, has...
  • Nepal commemorates 26th World AIDS Day
    December 2013 — This event brief is about the overall commemoration of 26th World AIDS Day in Nepal and AIDS Mela. Under the leadership of Government of Nepal and local government bodies, Saath-Saath Project was involved in the...
  • National Day honors Nepal’s Female Community Health Volunteers
    January 2014 — In Nepal, December 5th is National Female Community Health Volunteers (FCHVs) Day. Learn how the Saath-Saath project assisted in honoring the contributions made by FCHVs in improving the health of thousands of Nepali people.
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 4
    November 2013 — Volume 4 of the Saath-Saath Bulletin focuses on the commemoration of 20 years of support to the national HIV response from the U.S. Agency for International Development in partnership with the Government of Nepal. This...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 3
    July 2013 — Volume 3 of the Saath-Saath Bulletin discusses the project’s integrated HIV and family planning interventions designed for migrant populations and their spouses. Saath-Saath implements these interventions in four...
  • Empowerment of Women: International Woman’s Day 2013
    March 2013 — Read about how FHI 360, through the USAID-funded Saath-Saath project, is working to strengthen gender equality and reduce gender-based violence in Nepal.
  • 25th World AIDS Day 2012 Commemoration in Nepal
    December 2012 — This event brief was produced under the Saath-Saath Project funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development.
  • 18th National Condom Day Commemorated in Nepal 2012
    November 2012 — This event brief was produced under the Saath-Saath Project funded by the U.S.Agency for International Development.
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 2
    November 2012 — This Saath-Saath bulletin commemorates the successful completion of the project's first year, with features on capacity strengthening and innovation activities, and project updates and successes.
  • National Coordination Meeting with Agencies Working in Combating Trafficking in Persons (TIP)
    July 2012 — The Saath-Saath Project, funded by the U.S. Agency for International Development, convened the second National Coordination Meeting to encourage information sharing, facilitate scenario planning and stimulate collaboration...
  • Saath-Saath Bulletin Vol. 1
    June 2012 — This bulletin provides a detailed description of the Saath-Saath project, including work in capacity strengthening and innovation, as well as the introduction of the Technical and Organizational Capacity Assessment Tool.
  • Nepal
Funder: USAID
Duration: 2011 - 2016