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Rwanda Education Commons (REC)

  • Rwanda
2008 - 2012

The Rwanda Education Commons (REC) is expanding access to quality education by using information and communication technology (ICT) to supplement teaching and learning. By improving collaborative use of these tools among education stakeholders, the REC is building a professional learning community.

FHI 360’s REC activities focus on seven areas: (1) coordinating efforts among stakeholders in the use of ICT management tools; (2) policy support; (3) partnerships between technology providers and Rwandan educational institutions; (4) improved content of educational materials; (5) capacity building in website development, curriculum design and teacher training in multimedia; (6) strategies for distributing online and offline educational resources; and 7) outreach and expansion among educators throughout Africa.

Online services

The REC website provides a variety of resources for teacher educators and learners, especially those at teacher training colleges. The website offers information on education news, events and discussion boards to promote sharing, communication and collaboration. It also offers a rich resource library with materials ranging from lesson plans to Rwandan education policies to reports on early childhood development.

Offline services

REC engages in a variety of offline activities, including publishing past exams in newspapers throughout Rwanda to promote student exam preparation and using classroom video recordings of exemplary teachers as a teaching tool.

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