Reasons/Razones is the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)’s first national, bilingual communications campaign to promote HIV testing among Latino gay and bisexual men, who are among the groups hardest hit by HIV in the United States. The campaign, for which FHI 360 provides social marketing support, asks gay and bisexual Latinos “What’s your reason?/¿Cuál es tu razón?” for getting an HIV test. Through a series of campaign materials, men share their reasons for getting tested while encouraging others to do the same. 

The campaign uses images of family, friends and partners to emphasize a strong sense of self, family and community. Reasons/Razones also provides information about getting fast, free and confidential HIV testing. The campaign has a strong presence on Facebook and uses the hashtag #ShareReasons to promote HIV testing. 

The campaign includes:

  • Campaign promotions — online promotions in media outlets that reach Latino gay and bisexual men
  • Pride events — outreach to gay and bisexual Latinos at gay pride events in several cities, including those targeted for local promotion. Gay pride activities include on-site outreach to attendees, promotional material distribution and promotion in event programs and on event websites
  • A website — online information about HIV transmission, testing and prevention, and resources such as campaign ads, web banners, badges and buttons
  • Social media — outreach to encourage gay and bisexual Latinos to share their reasons for HIV testing through Facebook and Twitter (@TalkHIV), using the campaign hashtag #ShareReasons
  • Educational materials — posters, postcards and brochures for distribution throughout the United States by local public health agencies, businesses and community-based organizations

Using best practices in social media and incorporating strategies not typically used in HIV work, such as humorous memes. The Reasons/Razones project’s social media efforts have resulted in a 341 percent increase in page likes on Facebook while dramatically increasing user engagement. The project’s Facebook page is now on the CDC’s list of its top ten most popular digital assets.

Reasons/Razones is part of Act Against AIDS, the CDC’s national communication initiative to raise awareness about HIV/AIDS in the United States and to reduce the risk of infection among the hardest hit populations — gay and bisexual men, African Americans and Latinos. 

  • United States
Funder: U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
Duration: 2013 - 2015