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Public–Private Partnerships Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP)

  • Ukraine
2010 - 2015

The Public–Private Partnerships Development Program in Ukraine (P3DP) promotes public–private partnerships as a means to encourage the private sector to invest funds and expertise in building, operating and maintaining infrastructure and services that benefit the general public. Successful public–private partnerships can directly benefit both individuals and communities, supporting greater confidence in government’s ability to deliver needed services to its citizens and enhance Ukraine’s economic competiveness. Led by FHI 360, P3DP emphasizes building institutional capacities by working with central and local governments, as well as civil society organizations. The program promotes legal and institutional reforms that foster effective public–private partnerships. It is working to establish a public–private partnerships unit within the Government of Ukraine to facilitate effective partnerships and structure these relationships according to established protocols. P3DP also helps create public–private partnerships and raises public awareness about their principles and benefits.

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