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Promoting the Value of Foundational Job Skills to Retail Workers and Employers

  • United States
Walmart Foundation
2016 - 2017

Through a two-year grant from the Walmart Foundation, FHI 360 will conduct an educational and marketing initiative to promote career advancement among retail employees in the United States, particularly those in marginalized communities. The initiative is part of the foundation’s larger effort to help increase the economic mobility of entry-level workers in retail and adjacent sectors.

The goals of the initiative, to be launched in Baltimore and Chicago in early 2017, are to educate retail workers and employers in both retail and other sectors about the value of retail work experience and associated skills and to promote skills development and career advancement opportunities. These goals will be achieved through formative research with employees and employers to inform education and marketing strategies, tools and materials; media outreach; and partner engagement. The intention is to develop successful strategies and products that can be replicated in other communities.

As a foundation grantee, FHI 360 will also participate in the Walmart Retail Community of Practice, which fosters knowledge sharing, innovation and collaboration among retail and adjacent sectors.

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