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PROGRESS in India: Evaluation of an initiative to deliver contraceptives to doorsteps

  • India

An evaluation of a pilot project to improve contraceptive access via community health workers in India found the initiative to be promising. Results of the evaluation showed that 86 percent of the health workers said the initiative would work in the long term and 75 percent of female beneficiaries were satisfied. The full report [PDF, 1.5 MB] of the initiative, which addresses issues related to the supply chain and provides incentives to the community health workers, also provides recommendations to help the government of India scale up the new initiative at the national level. A research brief [PDF, 555 KB] summarizes the full project.

PROGRESS (Program Research for Strengthening Services) was a five-year project awarded to FHI 360 by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in June 2008. The project sought to improve access to family planning among underserved populations by providing global technical leadership and working in selected countries.

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