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PROGRESS II in Ethiopia

  • Ethiopia
2013 - 2017

PROGRESS II aims to create more equitable access to quality family planning services by providing technical assistance in research and the utilization of research results. FHI 360 works with Ethiopia’s Federal Ministry of Health, regional health bureaus, zonal and woreda health departments and local health centers to enhance their capacity to use data to monitor and evaluate family planning activities. This work increases the use of data for decision making, which assists in improving programs and enabling the Ministry of Health to meet its family planning goals.

The PROGRESS II project focuses on five key areas:

  1. ​Enhancing the monitoring capacity of family planning “centers of excellence”; centers of excellence are health facilities that receive targeted support, with the goal that they will eventually support other centers
  2. Increasing the number and locations of family planning monitoring and evaluation centers of excellence
  3. Providing technical assistance to the Federal Ministry of Health in the monitoring and evaluation of family planning initiatives
  4. Supporting the Federal Ministry of Health in monitoring and evaluating the expansion of permanent and long-acting methods of family planning
  5. Supporting the implementation of the Federal Ministry of Health’s mHealth initiative

PROGRESS II supports a total of 40 centers of excellence in eight regions: Afar; Amhara; Benishangul-Gumuz; Gambela; Oromia; Somali; Southern Nations, Nationalities, and Peoples’ Region; and Tigray. PROGRESS II provides these centers with essential basic equipment and supplies for monitoring and evaluation activities as well as training.

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