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PROGRESS in Ethiopia: Evaluation of comprehensive family planning training

  • Ethiopia

As part of the Federal Ministry of Health's effort to expand family planning services, comprehensive family planning trainings — with an emphasis on long-acting methods — were conducted by development partners with a variety of Ethiopian providers. With support from PROGRESS, FHI 360 and independent consultants evaluated a group of trainings that were conducted in November and December 2011 and another group conducted between March and June 2012 by the Integrated Family Health Program (IFHP) in four regions of Ethiopia. Although the trainings were successful, the evaluations identified several weaknesses, including difficulty translating theoretical ideas into practical skills, inadequate screening of clients, provision of information on the methods clients selected, and infection prevention. FHI 360 plans to collaborate with Ethiopia's Family Planning Technical Working Group and training partners to help ensure that trainees have adequate practice of these skills during the training period. The evaluation report for the 2011 trainings is available here [PDF, 1.4 MB], and the report for the 2012 trainings is available here [PDF, 823 KB].

PROGRESS (Program Research for Strengthening Services) was a five-year project awarded to FHI 360 by the U.S. Agency for International Development (USAID) in June 2008. The project sought to improve access to family planning among underserved populations by providing global technical leadership and working in selected countries.

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