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Program Mwana: A Zambia mHealth Initiative

  • Zambia
2010 - 2013

In partnership with Zambia’s Ministry of Health, UNICEF, Zambia Centre for Applied Heath Research and Development and Clinton Health Access Initiative, FHI 360’s Zambia Care and Treatment Partnership (ZPCT II) is implementing Project Mwana, a mobile health (mHealth) project in Zambia. This initiative uses mobile technology to strengthen health services for mothers and infants and addresses early infant diagnosis of HIV and postnatal care. One mHealth solution is reducing the turnaround time for transmitting infant HIV results from PCR results from the centralized PCR laboratories to health facilities through text messages or printers. Project Mwana was initially piloted in 13 clinics in six provinces but is now being scaled up to 200 health facilities, 99 of which are ZPCT II supported.

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